Executive Staff

Department Head, Visual Arts
Director, Switzer Gallery
Administrative Assistant


Humanities Art Adjunct Instructor
Humanities Art Instructor
Humanities Art Adjunct Instructor
Photo Lab Manager, Photography Adjunct Instructor
Jewelry Adjunct Instructor
Glassblowing Adjunct Instructor
Printmaking and Two Dimensional Design Adjunct Instructor
Sculpture & Three Dimensional Design Instructor
Art Humanities and History of Graphic Design Adjunct Instructor
Photography Associate Professor
Graphic Design Instructor, Program Coordinator GRAPH-AS and GRPH-BAS programs
Ceramics Adjunct Instructor
Photography Professor, Program Coordinator PHOTO-AS program
Graphic Design Instructor
Graphic Design Instructor
Drawing and Painting Instructor, Foundations Coordinator

In Memoriam

6-21-1941 to 5-7-2018