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Chris Gustin, a prolific and world-renowned studio art ceramicist, is a professor emeritus at the University of Massachusetts. Gustin is an explorer of forms, a painter with fire and glazes, and a master of his materials. He takes inspiration from historical, utilitarian pottery and the subtleties of the human form. Gustin’s work ranges from functional wares to exquisite tiles to expressive works of art.

“I want my work to provoke image to the viewer, to suggest something that is just on the other side of consciousness. I don’t want my pots to conjure up a singular recollection, but ones that change with each glance, with each change of light. I use surfaces that purposely encourage touch, and by inviting the hand to explore the forms as well as the eye, I hope to provoke numerous memories, recollections that have the potential to change from moment to moment.”

Please join us for a visiting artist lecture on Thursday, February 16 at 5pm in the Lecture Hall (1513) of the Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts. In this personal and open artist lecture, the artist will discuss his artistic practice and career, while demystifying the roadmap to success in the ceramic arts. The Welcome Event will follow immediately after Lecture.