decorative image of tyreecynthia-1 , Voices from the Hinterland: Art by Don Clark and Wil Shynkaruk, January 14–March 5, 2021. 2021-01-20 13:39:23

The Anna Lamar Switzer Center for Visual Arts has reopened to the public with the debut of Voices from the Hinterland: Art by Don Clark and Wil Shynkaruk, on display in the  Switzer Gallery January 14–March 5, 2021. The exhibition features photographs by Donald Clark alongside ceramics by Wil Shynkaruk. Both artists explore landscapes through the manipulation of disparate materials, one tactile, the other representational. They each take advantage of the unique properties afforded by their media—the physical, organic process of molding clay with one’s own hands and the use of a camera and computer to capture and alter precise moments in time.

About the artists:

Donald Clark’s photography often focuses on environmental issues and landscapes, and investigates the relationships of people in their environment and how these relationships affect culture. Clark frequently travels throughout the country seeking out and capturing these moments. He is currently a Professor of Art/Photography at  Minnesota State University Moorhead and currently resides in Lake Park, Minnesota.

Wil Shynkaruk began his artistic journey in Canada, where he was born and raised. After studying at the University of Iowa, he remained in America, taking on the position of Professor of Ceramics at Minnesota State University Moorhead in 1998. He is interested in exploring the idea of beauty and societal progression through the creation of functional forms in clay.

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Image credits:

Donald Clark, Photograph from the Quarry Series, undated. Digital pigment print.

Wil Shynkaruk,  Jar from the Stack Series, undated. Soda-fired stoneware with metal and stone.