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Barry Holbert

Humanities Art Adjunct Instructor

I attended Pensacola Junior College from 1968-1970 and graduated from the University of West Florida in 1972 in History Education. In 1996 I received a Master’s Degree in Humanities Art from the University of West Florida. I taught at King Middle School from 1972-1981. I moved to Pace High School to teach in 1981 and retired from there in 2009. I taught American History and Humanities dual enrollment at Pace High during that time. In 2012 I began teaching at Pensacola State College.

I teach Art Humanities and Intro to Humanities. In all, I have been teaching for 43 years. I have loved teaching at Pensacola State College and sharing my love of Art History. I want students to feel that Art Humanities does not just end when they finish the class. I want them to think of it is a lifelong journey to explore art museums and the love of art.