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Keith Wall

Keith Wall is a Gulf Coast native from Mississippi. He has lived in Mobile, Alabama for the past twelve years as he completed his BFA in Graphic Design and his MFA in Creative Technologies and Practice at the University of South Alabama. His undergraduate journey has given him a strong foundation in graphic design and printmaking. During his MFA studies, Keith used his past experiences with graphic design and stage set design to focus on extending applications of graphic design into immersive experiences.

Keith’s work is guided by a pursuit for an authentic connection with others. In this manner, it is his original voice – driven by the need to influence and communicate beyond ordinary means. He has a vibrant sense of awareness for design and artistry that echoes his interests in the unconventional. Keith is an explorer who values the use of technology and skilled hands. As a result, advanced concepts of problem solving, graphic design, typography, printmaking, and immersive experiences have developed within his practice. Keith sees each piece he produces as an artifact of past endeavors, a guide for his visual voice – a mind map that works like a web. As he circles through a lifetime of thoughts about society, self, and the connectivity of all the unusual dots in-between, he moves forward with his heart and mind open to new experiences.

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