2002 Switzer Distinguished Artist Clyde Butcher



South East Florida

Silver Gelatin Print

Donation by the artist


The pride of the Jupiter community on the east coast of Florida, Loxahatchee River is the only designated wild and scenic river in the state of Florida. The image captured by Butcher was a part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Save Our Rivers program initiated by the Water management Districts of Florida. Spending three years photographing the river, Butcher describes his experience as being “awed by the rivers primeval feeling.”

The serene black and white print is typical of Clyde Butcher’s photography. Regarded as Florida’s finest landscape photographer Butcher has been documenting the untouched areas of landscapes on film for more than 50 years. Using a large format camera he hand processes his photographs on silver gelatin fiber-based paper. His photographs are selenium toned and printed in limited editions.