The Switzer Gallery and Lamar Studio at Pensacola State College

The Switzer Gallery and Lamar Studio occupy a special place in the life of Pensacola State College and the lives of Northwest Florida residents and visitors. As teaching galleries, they are catalysts for creativity by providing for our students the best examples of contemporary art related to studio endeavors.

The Switzer Gallery and Lamar Studio serve to encourage creative collaborations with artists and local arts organizations. Through The Switzer Gallery and Lamar Studio, we span and build upon the strengths of the community. The galleries have a vital role to play as resources for learning that connect academia to the public at large.


The Switzer Gallery and Lamar Studio at Pensacola State College are teaching institutions that exhibit, collect, interpret, lend and preserve the visual arts. The Switzer Gallery and Lamar Studio focus on contemporary art with an active commitment to taking an academic approach to programming and collections management. They fulfill the college’s educational mission by serving as resources for the visual arts by presenting exhibitions and programs to the academic audience and the general public.


  • Education
  • Stewardship
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Aesthetic Appearance
  • Community Engagement


To contribute to the cultural, educational and general development of our region as a dynamic organization dedicated to professional excellence by weaving gallery programs into the academic fabric of the college

Permanent Collection

To enhance student learning experiences and support college goals for research, teaching and service by using the permanent collection and exhibitions

Acquire and maintain quality collections that meet the mission and vision of the institution


To achieve and maintain accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums by upholding the highest professional and aesthetic standards


To broaden our local, regional and state reputation and influence and be recognized as a leader among college art galleries and museums by creating innovative, collections-based and curriculum-related exhibitions

Funding & Sustainability

Secure financial means to support the present goals and future directions by engaging a wide community of gallery stakeholders through focused cultivation and stewardship of existing and potential donors

Growth & Expansion

Maximize the potential of the interior and exterior spaces to expand and enhance