at Pensacola State College, Department of Visual Arts

The Graphic Design Associate In Science Degree (AS) is a two-year program that serves as a prerequisite for Pensacola State’s Bachelor of Applied Science with a concentration in Graphic Design degree. It also prepares students for careers in graphic design upon graduation or acts as a transfer degree for persons wishing to continue their education toward an advanced degree at a professional art school. Additional general education course work may be required for transfer to a four-year college. Contact the four-year school for information.

Courses cover practical and theoretical problems of visual communication from the inception of an idea to its final presentation to the printer or client. Concepts and execution are covered with strong emphasis on computer assistance, drawing skills and technical developments in the field. Some professional internships are available for advanced students.

The BAS degree in Business and Management concentration in Graphic Design  Management (BAS) provides access to the student who already has skills in graphic design and hopes to advance to a higher level position within graphic design businesses. The upper-level coursework included in this concentration will broaden the student’s knowledge in graphic design and management practices with the goal of preparing the BAS graduate for supervisory and management opportunities within graphic design professions.

A selection of student work