Visual Arts Classes Offered at Pensacola State College

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ART 1201C Two-Dimensional Design - Introduces the student to the elements of design. Line, texture, shape, value, and color are used to give substance to visual expression on the two-dimensional plane. Basic course for art majors.
ART 1300C Drawing I - Introduces the student to the concept of the drawing process and two-dimensional composition. Basic analytical and expressive approaches are applied to still life, interiors, and landscape.
ART 1301C Drawing II - Introduces the student to figure drawing, including study of the skeletal and muscular compositions of the human form, interspersed with sessions of drawing from the nude model. A variety of media, including color, is also explored during both gesture and extended drawings of the figure. Drawings exhibit the design concepts learned in ART 1300C.
ART 1150C Jewelry I - Involves the fundamentals of jewelry construction. Projects assigned cover fabrication, cutting, soldering, lost wax casting, and stone setting, using silver and non-ferrous metals.
ART 1151C Jewelry II - Advanced jewelry making techniques building on those learned in Jewelry I. Processes include enameling, raising, and forging.
ART 1203C Three Dimensional Design - Introduces the elements and principles of three dimensional design. Open and closed forms are examined as they apply to sculpture. A variety of materials will be used to construct three-dimensional forms.
ART 1400C Printmaking I - Focuses on the introduction to the fundamentals of printmaking. Processes include relief (linoleum and woodblock), calligraphy, etching, monotypes, and solar prints.
ART 1401C Printmaking II - Continued focus on the fundamentals of printmaking. Processes may include relief (linoleum and woodblock), calligraphy, etching, monotypes, solar prints and screen printing.
ART 1750C Ceramics I - Introduces the student to the methods and techniques of making pottery using both the potter's wheel and hand-built procedures. Lectures in theory and practical experience in the use of clay, glazes, and firing techniques.
ART 1751C Ceramics II - Continued exploration of techniques of pottery making.
ART 2183C Glassblowing - Introduces the student to off-hand glass blowing, concerned with preparing, forming, and finishing glass, understanding of glass as an art form, and operation and maintenance of a glass studio.
ART 2500C Painting I - Instructs the student in the academic methods of painting and encourages the student to explore other methods.
ART 2501C Painting II - Continuation of ART 2500C in exploration of traditional painting methods. Emphasis on mixed media and current development.
ART 2701C Sculpture I - Introduces the fundamentals of sculpture: site, context, process, psychology, and the aesthetics of the object as well as the object's relation to the body. Emphasizes sculpture as an art of the extraordinary as well as the every day. Experimentation, observation, verbal articulation, and professional presentation of projects are stressed.
ART 2702C Sculpture II - Continuation of ART 2701C with investigation of sculptural media. Emphasis on advanced theories and techniques. Individual interests and personalized projects encouraged.
ART 2950C Portfolio and Resume Development - Emphasizes the development of a professional portfolio and the skills required to effectively market the student and his or her work.
GRA 1109 History of Graphic Design - Introduces the student to the history of graphic design and cites the major contributions to the development of contemporary graphic design practice and aesthetics.
GRA 2151C Computer Graphics I - Explores the Macintosh(r) computer's capabilities as a tool for artists and graphic designers. The student will use a variety of layout and image-processing programs, digital scanning, and graphics in assignments that stress creativity and technical proficiency.
GRA 2152C Computer Graphics II - Continuation of GRA 2151C using advanced software and programs on the user-friendly Macintosh(r). Directed at artists and graphics designers.
GRA 2190C Graphic Design I - Provides the student with basic experience in the creative and technical processes of visual communication. Covers concept development, layout skills, uses of type, illustration, and computer-aided design with the Macintosh(r).
GRA 2191C Graphic Design II - Intended to give the graphic design student advanced techniques and projects in visual communications with emphasis on developing work suitable for a professional portfolio and market demands. A high degree of professionalism is stressed along with creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to details.
GRA 2206C Typography - Introduces typography, including the history of letterforms, recognition and specification of existing typefaces, typographic style, and type design. Emphasizes the expressive power of type usage in design, while also covering technical aspects of fonts, letterforms, measurements, x-height, kerning, leading, tracking, and aesthetic considerations.
GRA 2210C Electronic Prepress - Emphasizes the specific techniques and practices used in the prepress industry. Commonly encountered issues, such as pagination, imposition, CMYK process, spot color systems, and color separation will be explored. Printer interaction and communication will also be stressed.
GRA 2721C Creative Web Design - Creative WebDesigns builds on the design and development skills gained in the prerequisite courses and moves the student to the production of artistic web-based projects on the Macintosh computer platform. Focuses entirely on intranet and internet in animation, sound, video, authoring, editing and HTML coding. The student will use appropriate web development software to create product for use across both Macintosh and PC computer platforms.
GRA 3194 Graphic Design III - Advanced level studio with in depth exploration of two and three dimensional media and the potential creative use of contemporary technology in visual communication. Includes experimentation in multi-page print projects, computer animation, multi-media and environmental signage, including lecture and field trips.
GRA 3202C Advanced Typography - Exploration of the expressive potential of the letter form.
GRA 3209C Typography II - Continuation of the study of traditional Typography. Exercises and projects focus on the hierarchal qualities of typography, the development of marketable, original, and creative problem solving solutions examined with emphasis on creative techniques. Industry standard software will be used in the development of digital typography and hierarchal skills.
GRA 3883C Motion Graphics - Introduces motion graphics as it relates to special effects, animation, visual communications, and advertising. Industry standard software will be used to produce motion graphics.
GRA 4186C Senior Studio Graphic Design - Advanced graphic design problems in advertising campaigns and multi-unit visual communication systems.
GRA 4189C Portfolio Development - Prepares the student for employment with a well-crafted presentation of skills in the form of a portfolio.
GRA 4514C Environmental Design - Covers a range of examples of exhibition/environmental design measured against conventions of 2D display/informational systems.
PGY 1000 History of Photography - A study of the history and the development of photography both as a technology and art form from its inception to current digital and commercial uses. Explores photography from the standpoint of its sociological, cultural, communicative, and economic impacts.
PGY 1110C Color, Materials, and Methods - An introductory course that explores basic creative methods of color processes in photographic imagery. Explores the technical, conceptual, and production relationships in contemporary color photography. Emphasis is placed on color theory, effects of lighting techniques, color-correct printing, and aesthetics.
PGY 2107C Large Format Camera - Introduces the student to advanced concepts, techniques and applications of large format cameras. Examines the uses of large format cameras in fine art photography, commercial illustration, and historical documentation.
PGY 2201C Photographic Lighting Techniques - Introduces the student to artificial and natural lighting techniques utilized in studio, table top, copy work, and portraiture.
PGY 2220C Commercial Photography - Introduces the student to advanced studio and color photography.
PGY 2272C Photography Seminar - Designed to acquaint the student photographer with developments and special topics in the field. May consist of studio visits, visiting professionals, product demonstrations, and research projects.
PGY 2401C Photography I - Introduces the student to the field of photography with emphasis on the creative use of the camera and dark room. The fundamentals of camera operation, successful black and white film development, and printing are taught. A 35 mm SLR camera with manual controls is required for this class.
PGY 2404C Photography II - Introduces the student to print manipulation and photo essays with emphasis on the refinement of techniques that are necessary for the use of the camera as a means of individual creative expression.
PGY 2801C Digital Photography I - Introduces the student to electronic imaging using computers, scanners, and image manipulation software (Adobe Photoshop). Individual portfolios are created.
PGY 2801C Digital Photography II - A continuation of work in Adobe Photoshop established in Digital Photography I. The student will work with advanced Photoshop techniques in the application of personal images that may have application in fine art, graphics, and multimedia productions.