decorative image of 0331-PSC-Addy-winners_rglos1-300×87 , PSC STUDENTS WIN 44 ADDYS AT LOCAL AAF GALA 2019-05-20 11:49:00

Pensacola State College graphic design and photography students won 44 awards in the college/university student division at the recent 2016 American Advertising Federation Pensacola ADDY® Awards Gala.

PSC students won Best of Show, Judge’s Choice, 12 Gold awards, and 30 Silver awards.

Michael Daw won Best of Show with “The Keys 3-D Comic Book” in the illustration category.

Amber Sidner won Judge’s Choice with “Odd Thomas Book Cover Series” in the publication design category.

Gold winners:
Michael Meighan, packaging; Michael Daw, packaging; Amber Sidner, publication design; Danielle Engert, publication design; Libby Castellani, magazine; Lauren Dawson, poster; Nona Lewis, poster campaign; Michael Daw, illustration single; Timothy Bednarczyk, photography; Katie Wong, photography; Rachel Oliver, photography; and Bara’ah Jaraiseh, photography campaign.

Silver winners:
Zachary Blessing, stationary; Katie Wong, special events materials; Jordan Sullivan, publication design; Garrett Hallbauer, magazine design; Amber Sidner, book design; Danielle Engert, direct marketing; Lauren Dawson, poster; Michael Daw, poster; Jordan Sullivan, poster campaign; Michael Daw, poster campaign; Amber Sidner, poster campaign; Danielle Engert, poster campaign; Amber Sidner, consumer; Michael Meighan, logo; Danielle Cornejo, illustration single; Michael Daw, illustration single; Danielle Engert, illustration single; Jordan Sullivan, illustration campaign; Katrice Johnson, illustration campaign; Zachary Blessing, photography; Timothy Bednarczyk, photography; Garrett Hallbauer, photography; Erin Amis, 4 silver awards in photography; Shaun Tull, digitally enhanced photography; Becka Ware, digitally enhanced photography; Kelsi Adams, digitally enhanced photography; and Rachel Oliver, digitally enhanced photography.