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Brian Weaver

Department Head

Brian Weaver grew up in a drab little town of exposed wiring, lathe and plaster everything, perpetual overcast education, and lackluster entertainment in the early ’80s in Oil City, Pennsylvania. A once robust town due to universal oil needs founded in the region progressed during his upbringing into a disparate memory of what once was. Brian’s meandering childhood was colorful, full of upsets and excitement, scheduled activities, misplaced venues, and the inevitable awkward teen years. The self-directed independent years became focused on specific academics, and proposed outcomes, where Brian received a Master of Fine Arts (MFA): Ceramics degree from the University of Florida and a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA): Ceramics degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Upon completion, Brian then attended Penland School of Crafts, Santa Fe Clay, and a decade of various assignments at Texas A&M University before ultimately fulfilling his desired role at Pensacola State College where he can create and facilitate positive change, empower, and advocate for his fellow students, staff, and faculty while developing innovative and purpose-driven successes with integrity and passion. Brian’s artworks have been shown and collected internationally, and his studio art practice is pragmatic and diverse while these projects serve as a reminder that we are all inherently flawed through our unconscious instinct toward self-preservation. Appreciation is not without egocentric motivation, and a holistic shift of our societal norms and preconceived notions creates a dialogue into the ethereal moments of awareness. These varied ideologies that were once primarily shaped by his hometown, have confounded their footing in one facet or another in conjunction with new spaces and places as he continues to evolve and actively engage as an active passenger towards inclusive wellbeing.

Brian’s artworks can be seen here: